About General Floor

GF is a floor covering wholesaler that distributes all major flooring types (see links above) to professionals from the Building, Flooring and Design world, as well as Property Managers.

Why Use Professionals Associated with GF?

Typically, professionals that partner with General Floor tend to have lower overhead and a vested interest in the end product. For the consumer, this means a more competitive price, a better installation and the direct involvement of a decision maker.

19 Locations Near You

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Q: Can we see samples of your products on-line?
A: Yes, choose from one of the product tabs above, then select the product catalog option.
Q: What about the warranty information and specifications for your products?
A: Click here to access our warranty search engine.
Q: How do I care for / maintain my products?
A: Click here for maintenance and care and select your flooring type.
Q: Can I contact you through the web site?
A: Click here to send us an email.
Q: Where can I go to look at styles and colors of your product?
A: Click here for a list of our locations.
Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: Click here for location hours of operation.
Q: Who is the manufacturer of GENSTOCK & GENWOOD?
A: Representing a varied collection of major brands, domestic products and imports, the Genstock & Genwood brands signify that General Floor inventories or features the product, offer extremely competitive pricing and that the item is usually available for quick delivery.
Q: Can we order a sample and have it shipped?
A: Yes. Simply contact your local General Floor with the name of the GF account holder, manufacturer, style and color. They will order and ship directly to your address.
Q: Can we take samples?
A: Yes. Please note that some samples require a small deposit. Contact your local branch for more information.
Q: What is the estimated time of delivery for products?
A: Most stocked products are available in a few business days. Your installer’s schedule, special order availability and other variables can alter delivery. Contact your GF account holder for specifics.
Q: Can I buy directly from General Floor, place orders or check inventory?
A: No. General Floor does not sell to the general public. Also, you must have a General Floor account number to place orders or check inventory.
Q: Can we get products through General Floor that we have seen somewhere else?
A: Yes. In some cases, you may need to borrow a sample and visit a General Floor to match up physically as many items are private labeled.
Q: Why are you listed as a dealer on some manufacturer sites if you do not sell to the public?
A: Although we do not sell to the general public or offer installation, we are still members of their distribution network and are able to represent their products professionally.
Q: Do you have installers?
A: Although we do not offer installation, we can recommend installers. Contact your local GF and they will provide 3 options. This will allow you to evaluate based on your circumstances and make a decision that is right for you.