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When only carpet flooring will do

No matter what your flooring needs, carpet is a floor covering that meets many of them, right from the start. It’s always been the softest flooring material, offering great comfort in many areas, and amazing beauty with a welcoming feel as well. If you’re ready for a new floor, be sure to take the time to consider this material for your home. Learn about the many benefits you have to gain, many of them new, and how they’re likely to be just as durable as you need them to be as well.

Carpet advantages you won’t want to miss

What if you could have a gorgeous floor covering that was also extremely durable and easy to care for? Well, you can have that very thing when you choose carpet for your home’s floors. It all starts with amazing and luxurious softness, as the only soft-surface floor covering on the market.

From there, you’ll get to choose from a variety of product lines such as SmartStrand, Dream Weaver, and many more. There are plenty of color options to choose from, so you’ll never miss the perfect match for your décor. But more importantly, especially for this particular material, you’ll be happy to find it incredibly durable. Some brands build the stain protection right into the fibers, making it harder to stain, easier to clean, and gorgeous for years to come.

No matter which brand you choose, you’ll find a warmer home, thanks to excellent heat retention, and a more peaceful atmosphere, thanks to impressive noise reduction, especially between floors. For the allergy sufferers in your home, we’ll match you with a product that contains hypoallergenic fibers, so that the whole household will breathe easier. For more information, be sure to visit a carpet flooring store near you.
Luxury carpet in Lancaster, PA from General Floor

Our associates are ready to match you to your carpet

General Floor is a carpet flooring retailer that is staffed with knowledgeable associates who are ready to help you find the perfect material for your floors. Choose from an extensive selection of materials, with custom services to match, you’ll never go wrong by visiting any of our 19 showrooms.

We are proud to serve areas such as New Jersey, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Philly, NYC, and southern Maryland. If you’re in those areas, contact us at your convenience and let us know about your specific flooring needs. We’ll make sure to match them and finalize your project perfectly.