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Claims department

Although the word ‘claim’ has a negative undertone, we feel that our ability to dedicate professionals to claims, facilitate, and follow-up results in a positive experience for the General Floor account holder and the consumer/end-user.

Our Claims Department is not a collection of part-time sales or administrative associates. They are full-time associates dedicated to resolving floor covering related performance issues.

How to open a claim

To open a claim, simply contact or visit your local General Floor prepared with the following:
  1. The consumer’s name, address, and phone number.
  2. Your order or invoice number (if you cannot locate, provide manufacturer, style, color, size, etc.)
  3. A description of the problem.


After completing the claim form, your General Floor branch contact will submit the form to the Claims Department on your behalf (please note that all claims should originate in the branch).

Although there are exceptions to the rule, a typical claim proceeds as follows:
  1. The consumer/end-user is contacted within 5 - 10 business days to confirm contact information and to provide a general overview of the claims process.
  2. The Claims Department contacts the mill or manufacturer to review the claim, the course of action to reach a resolution, and to establish a time frame. This may result in / require job site photographs or a visit from a certified inspector.
  3. The Claims Department will convey the mill/manufacturer’s decision.

NOTE: Due to every mill and manufacturer having a unique way of processing a claim, the various product/claim types, and the required involvement of independent inspectors, it is not possible to provide a definite resolution date.

To check the status of your claim, obtain warranty information, or make inquiries, feel free to contact the Claims Department at