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Let’s find out more about vinyl flooring

When it comes to vinyl flooring, many homeowners don’t know what they’re missing by passing on it. Over the years, manufacturing processes have changed, and these floors are now extremely durable, functional, and have some of the most beautiful appearances in the flooring industry.

With this material in your home, you’ll experience much more peace of mind and a level of comfort that you’ll love and possibly even become loyal to. Your local vinyl flooring store has plenty of inventory in stock so that you can see and experience these floors for yourself before making a decision.

Vinyl gives you plenty of options

With vinyl flooring, you get amazing appearances that you might not find in many other materials. Since this floor covering often comes in a single sheet for most average-sized rooms, your chosen image will have no breaks, for a more realistic look when choosing the look of all-natural wood or stone.

That single-sheet option also means there are no seams in the material, making it nearly waterproof, as long as spills don’t happen near the edges of the flooring. This works perfectly for kitchens, bathrooms, children’s rooms, or anywhere dampness, humidity, and spills are apt to happen.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Lakewood, NJ from General Floor
Durability is built-in and even the busiest of homes are served in vinyl flooring. With a protective wear layer on top, you’ll be protected from stains, scratches, and many other signs of daily wear for great looks that last for years. Proper care and maintenance also help keep things looking great.

When it comes to vinyl installation, be sure to speak to an associate at our vinyl flooring retailer about professional installation. This is the very best way to protect your investment, and our associates will be happy to explain all the details.

Choose us for all your vinyl needs

General Floor offers an excellent selection of floor coverings from any of our 19 showroom locations. We serve the area of New Jersey, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Philly, NYC, and southern Maryland. If you’re in any of those areas, feel free to contact us.

Our associates are experienced, knowledgeable, and offer excellent customer service, no matter how large or small your flooring needs. Bring us your specific flooring project and find out how we can bring it to a beautiful finish. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your flooring needs.