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Making it Easy for the Building & Flooring Pro


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Why We Make It Easy

The Building, Flooring, and Design Pros who run a business simply have too many responsibilities. They are under intense pressure to attract and keep customers, control their costs, and turn a profit; nonetheless, a good part of their time is spent on the job or in the back office.

Freeing up Your Time

  1. SSP/Showroom Selection Plan - Allows your clients to make selections with flooring professionals while you are on the job. This permits you to take your evenings back.
  2. Eliminate multiple stops with our extensive tool and supply offering.
  3. Our Pro Shop style service counters allow for quick in and out visits.

Reducing Your Overhead

  1. SSP/Showroom Selection Plan - Eliminates the need for a costly showroom.
  2. Our warehouse and storage service eliminates the need for a costly warehouse.
  3. Our extensive supply offering eliminates the need to buy in bulk.
  4. Our delivery service saves you from buying or renting a larger truck or van for oversized deliveries.

Improving Your Profitability

  1. Quick Quotes - This service shops all available sources for the lowest cost when an item is not inventoried or stocked at General Floor.
  2. Free samples / Huge inventory - Make it possible to sell “next day” installations for “immediate need customers” that would otherwise result in a lost opportunity.


Our approach to business, substantial inventory, free samples/marketing materials, and various services allow the professional to focus on their "expertise" while positioning them to compete effectively, win sales and grow their business.