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Genwood Parable

(Featured Colors: Trail Oak, Sunset Pine)
Waterproof Oak, Hickory & Pine
7.7 mm including Pad
7 ½” x random up to 72”
8 Stains

Genwood Superb

(Featured Colors: Mink, Barley)
Waterproof Birch
6 mm including Pad
6.7” x 48.03”
4 Stains

Genwood Concise Oak

(Featured Colors: Colonial Oak, Slate)
3/4” x 5”
Solid Smooth Oak
Nail Down
5 Colors

Bruce Manchester Oak

(Featured Colors: Butterscotch, Cherry)
Strip: 2 ¼
Plank: 3 ¼
Solid Smooth Oak
Nail Down
5 Colors

Genwood Unison Oak

(Featured Colors: Saddle, Butterscotch)
Strip: 2 ¼
Plank: 3 ¼
Solid Smooth Oak
Nail Down
5 Colors

Refined Merpauh

(Featured Colors: Mocha, Toffee)
¾ “ x 3 ½ “ Solid Merpauh
Available in 4 Stains

Genwood Vector

(Featured Colors: Bourbon & Sterling)
¾” x 3 ½ Solid Smooth Birch

Genwood Empower Oak

(Featured Colors: Whitney & Brown Bear)
¾” x 5” Solid Handscraped Oak

Genwood Exalt Maple

(Featured Colors: Lexington & Magnolia)
5/8” x 7 1/2” Engineered
Handscraped & Extra Wide

Genwood Demure

(Featured Colors: Countess & Regency)
1/2” x 7” White Oak
European Oak Look
Wire Brushed

Genwood Stature

(Featured Colors: Champagne & Mahogany)
3/4” x 4 3/4” Solid Handscraped Birch

Genwood Gaze Samoan Mahogany

Samoan Mahogany
Available in 3 Stains

Genwood Prospect Hickory

Our First American Hickory
Made in the USA
Available in 4 Stains

Bruce Turlington Lock & Fold 3”

Locking Engineered Oak
Available in 7 Stains

Genwood Fortitude Maple

Solid, Handscraped Maple
Available in 2 Stains

Genwood Surge

Smooth, Engineered Oak
Available in 5 Stains

Genwood Bountiful

Replacing Prime Harvest Smooth Solid Oak

Genwood Sterling Oak

The best value in ¾” solid Oak Replacing Winchester strip & plank

Genwood Fury Birch

New and improved color line Featuring hand-scraped chatter marks